How And Where to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings in USA

Finding a dream diamond engagement ring is possible, if you know where to look! Here are the best places to buy diamond engagement rings in USA!

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Buying the perfect engagement ring for the bride or groom-to-be is one of the most important moments in your life. You are ready to pop up the question, you pull a beautiful diamond engagement ring out of your pocket and ask the most important person in your life to be with you forever. You desperately want this person to say yes and fall in love with the ring, right?

Well, finding your dream diamond engagement ring is possible, if you know where to look. We are going to present you the best diamond jewelry stores in USA where you can find a ring that is tailored to your needs, style, and budget.

Before that, we will give you a few tips that will help you pick the perfect engagement ring:

  • Determine how much you want to spend – When buying an engagement ring, you will be confronted with a huge array of choices. Having a price range in mind will help you select the rings and decide which one is for you and which isn’t. Going in with specific parameters will help you or your jeweler find the perfect ring to fit your budget. One of the diamond jewelry brands in USA is Brilliant Earth and they allow you to schedule a personalized tour with one of their professional jewelers who can help you choose the ring of your dreams, according to your budget.
  • Do your homework – It can be really helpful to learn as much as possible about diamonds before you set a foot in a jewelry store. You can start with the 4Cs or color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. By learning more about diamonds, you can understand how each factor affects the value of the diamond and adds to the appearance of the ring.
  • Know the ring size – If you are buying an engagement ring for your future wife, it is helpful to know her ring size. If she wears rings, you can borrow one she owns and the jeweler can use it to determine her ring size.

By following these 3 tips you will be on your way to buying your dream engagement ring.

Now that you know how to surprise your future fiance, let’s see the best places to buy diamond engagement rings:

  • Brilliant Earth – One of the best places in USA where you can find the perfect diamond engagement ring. You can shop diamond engagement rings specially crafted from recycled precious metals and set with Beyond Free Diamonds. Brilliant Earth can offer you a huge selection of diamond engagement rings, gemstone engagement rings, and vintage rings. Brilliant Earth offers you a chance to design your own diamond ring in 3 easy steps.
  • James Allen – Another great place where you can buy engagement rings. They sell high-quality rings at affordable prices and there is something for everyone’s taste. The search or filter tool will help you find your desired ring.
  • Blue Nile – When compared to other brands and retailers, they are well priced. They have a vast selection of products and extensive choices from suppliers from all over the world. They don’t have a physical location so you can purchase the ring online. The customer service representatives are experienced and highly knowledgeable and can help you find exactly what are you looking for.
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Brilliant Earth is one of our favorite choices as they can offer you a level of prestige, a vast selection of diamond engagement rings, and competitive prices that will fit your budget.