Do Diamonds Appreciate?

Do Diamonds Appreciate?

The question of whether diamond jewels appreciate in value may not have a definite answer and often depends on what the seller wants at the time of selling. People resell diamond jewels for various reasons. For one, it can be because they want to make an extra buck. Sometimes the seller may have had the need to upgrade their rings. People also dispose of their diamond jewelry if they want to completely get rid of their broken relationships.

Despite the reason, selling your engagement ring may be a daunting task especially if this is your first time.  The sales process may be overwhelming if you don’t know the right place to sell it, how to prepare for the whole process, and how much you should ask for your stone.

All the above questions may make the difference between selling your stone at a throwaway price or making a kill out of it. Lucky enough, there are various websites that will take the mystery out of the entire selling process and ensure that you sell your valuable jewelry at a profit.

Here is how you can sell your diamond jewelry at a profit

Direct retail

You may decide to sell the jewelry by yourself which cuts out middlemen. There are several sites out there like eBay, Amazon, craigslist and much more that you can sell your priciest jewelry you have from Brilliant Earth. You only need to take a picture of them and upload the photos in those sites, under your account and that’s it. Once everything has been successfully uploaded, your diamonds are ready for sale. Any willing buyer who spots them will most likely order them. It may, however, be hard to sell your diamonds at a retail price as most online shoppers are looking for deals. This, therefore, means that the amount you will receive for your stone may not add up to your initial buying price, but will at least fetch you a fortune so don’t put your expectations too high.

Be sure to prepare it for sale

Remember to prepare your stones before selling them anywhere as this has been proven to make all the difference in terms of price. Diamond needs a little cleaning to restore its sparkle. Use warm water and soap to restore its luster. With a soft bristle toothbrush gently clean the stone and let it dry naturally. Sometimes, homemade jewelry cleaners are used to restore the shine. Only be sure to clean it using the right cleaner as a wrong one may end up damaging it completely.  A profit or some loss is incurred depending on where you will sell the stone. As usual, selling them online may result in you pocketing less than you had expected.