Quality Diamond Guide

Quality Diamond Guide

When buying a diamond, it is vital to know that each has its characteristics different from the other piece. These precious jewels come in all manner of shapes, sizes, colors not forgetting internal features. However, when they get polished, they become more valuable. They are then graded depending on several factors such as clarity, cut, diamond’s, carat as well as the color.

Each quality makes an individual piece rare, and priciest. Specialists, therefore, grade the diamonds depending on the above factors to make individual piece compare to the next. It is these factors normally referred to as the 4Cs, namely color, carat, cut, and clarity that defines the quality of the diamond.

What’s the Clarity of the Diamond?

The pieces of stone have internal features called inclusions, while those imperfections found on the surfaces of the stone are referred to as blemishes. All these are the clarity characteristics of a diamond. Therefore, the term clarity defines the absence of these inclusions and imperfections of a diamond. When a diamond has none, its price is highest. The type, position, nature and the size of the imperfection or inclusion affects the appearance, quality, and price of the diamond.

What’s the Diamond’s Carat?

The carat or weight of the diamond also has an impact on its price and overall quality. As goods are sold as per their weighty so is a diamond. Diamonds are measured in carats, abbreviated as ‘ct.’ a ‘ct’ is equivalent to 0.2 grams. Diamond pricing is kind of interesting as this often depends on a number of variables. Since larger stones are hard to come by, they are not only sold more expensively but also cost more per a carat. One large stone can cost more than the sum of 5 smaller stones.

What’s the Diamond Cut?

A diamonds cut grade rather than its shape, is a measure of how well its sides can interact with light.  Here artistry is of the essence to shape the stone to proportions and symmetry and give it a fine polish to make it interact with light better. A diamonds cut influences its beauty and overall quality. A piece of a diamond ring with a high grade cut from Brilliant Earth will cost you more than a vintage cut diamond.

What’s the Best diamond’s color?

A high-quality diamond is colorless. This will fetch more both on offline jewelry shops as well as on online platforms like Brilliant Earth. While most will appear almost crystal clear, you may need to use a gadget to spot some coloring say a slight tone of yellow, as well as brown in them. The GIA or Gemological Institute of America which is the diamond certification authority grades diamond color alphabetically starting from D to Z with Z being heavily tinted and D crystal clear.  Grade D diamonds would fetch much more than the Z grade because of their high quality.